About Me

Meet Amy


I grew up in the midwest in Madison, Wisconsin, the daughter of two teachers and the middle of 3 children. I learned to love the outdoors and nature from my parents and spent every childhood summer on the coast of Maine.

I went to school in Maine and then moved to Florida and I’ve been living here since. I’ve lived a very full life, filled with love and laughter as well as hurt and challenges just like you, but it wasn’t until I decided I wanted to live differently that my life began to change.

I’d been teaching Health and Wellness for 30 years when I decided I wanted to change my life. I wanted to create a way to be able to share my gifts and talents, and still make a difference in my community. So, I  set out to become a coach. The training I received from the Health Coach Institute was amazing.  It brought me so much clarity, and helped me create a vision for my life. I learned how to understand and embrace who I am and define what I want. It gave me the freedom to let go of the past, refine how I live and empowered me to create the experiences I have now.

Today my life is very different. My husband and I now live in the country and we’re creating Simply Natural Farm. This is something I’ve visualized for a long time and seeing it come to fruition is a direct result from my coaching journey. I’m a different person today and I’m more mindful and more kind to myself. Every day I choose how I want to experience life. It’s a privilege to coach and I’m honored when given the opportunity to help someone create the life and health they truly want.

If you are ready for change….Schedule a Strategy Session with me. Your Time is Now!