Do you feel overwhelmed in your life?

Are you so busy you often feel like a chicken

running around with your head cut off?

Well I know how you feel.


After 30 years of teaching Health & Fitness

and Physical Education 

I decided to Reframe my life.


I left teaching to become a Health and Life coach,

and start my own business.


I then moved to a 5-acre farm, 

started planting edible plants and fruit trees, and started raising chickens, turkeys and Florida Cracker sheep.


 I began using my guest house as an Airbnb and I now teach Farm Fitness, host a Farm Experience and coach busy moms

and professionals on how to reframe their life. 


I would love to help you reframe your life too. 


Book a FREE call with me today and let's get you started.


I look forward to meeting you soon!



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Kelly Henderson

Coaching with Amy has been a life changing experience for me. She helped me realize that most
of my frustrations are things that I can get control of by setting boundaries. In 57 years, I
have never set boundaries. I have been the "people pleaser" all of my life. I am discovering
things that for years have weighed me down are now no longer a weight for me. All thanks to
Amy and her intuition and ability to foster where I was in life, I was able to uncover the things
that have been derailing me for years. She helped me establish action steps that have proven to
enrich my life in numerous ways. I am forever grateful for this experience and the life changing
sessions that I will embrace for years to come.

Susan Lindsey.jpg

Susan Lindsey

My greatest aha moment or take away from working with Amy is choice. You get to decide and
set boundaries. Although I still struggle with some of those it is the recording I keep in my head
when I am faced with a challenge. I have a choice and I can set boundaries.
When I look at the entire experience from start to now, I started off wanting a health and
fitness coach just to get on a diet and exercise plan and of course, we went much deeper than
What I found interesting about working with Amy is her ability to help many people with a
variety of challenges. I find her to be much more than a coach. I know that has become a
popular term but feel it may not encompass all of her abilities and talent.
Additionally, I felt very comfortable with Amy from the first meeting. The experience also made
me stop and say of course you can. I think she said that many times during our time together. It
has given me the tools to face challenges with new tools to work with so I thank you for that.

Gloria Folsom Htichings.png

Gloria Folsom Hitchings

Amy coached me through several major decisions. She helped me identify and let go of many
beliefs around my worth. I have now developed self-awareness. Amy is an excellent coach and
she doesn’t take her responsibility lightly. She is invested in your success.